Large Cat Run with Cat House

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Large Cat Run and Cat House suitable for several cats and will keep your cat secure and exercised outdoors and allow them fresh air. This Cat Run and Cat House is perfect for large gardens and outside spaces

The Cat House is made from tanalised pressure treated timber for the best rot protection available and is 4 feet wide x 30 inches deep, there is a large door for access into the House for cleaning, putting in bedding and toys, the door has a window glazed in safety plastic to let in light and let your cat look out and there is a cat flap fitted to the House to prevent draughts and allow access for the cat. The Cat House roof slopes away to the rear to allow rain water to run off, the roof is strong and sturdy and covered in a heavy quality roofing felt for durability and total weatherproofing. The House floor is made from 12mm thick hardwood outside grade ply for strength

There is a ramp from floor level to the full length shelf at the Cat House for your cat to land on before entering the House via the Cat Flap. Underneath the Cat House is a full width shelf for your cat to snooze on or for use as storage, cat litter trays can be placed underneath the shelf 

The Cat Run is made from machined tanalised pressure treated timber for the best rot protection and is 12 feet 4 inches long x 6 feet wide and stands 6 feet tall so you can walk into the Run. The Run panels are clad in heavy duty 16 gauge x 1 inch square galvanised weld mesh. this weld mesh is strong and will not sag when the cat climbs it, it the mesh will also keep out predators. There is a human access door in the Run which has galvanised locking pad bolts for security. Corrugated clear UPVC roofing for weatherproofing can be fitted to the Cat Run, the roofing is made with a slope for rain water to run off and guttering for rain collection can also be fitted.  Sneeze Barriers and weather boarding can also be added to the Cat Run

The Large Cat Run and Cat House assembled together has a footprint of 14 feet 10 inches long x 6 feet wide. The Run can be configured into many shapes as well as extended in length and width. Security Porches can be added to the Cat Run to prevent cats from escaping when the Run door is opened

Walkways and Tunnels can be made and fitted to the Run to link to existing cat flaps to enable your cat to come and go as it pleases

Shelves for cat climbing and resting can also be added and provide interest and cat perches for them to leap about

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